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Our native nursery plays a vital role in preserving and protecting our cultural heritage and natural environment. Using the traditional Maramataka lunar calendar, we carefully harvest seeds of local native species such as Toroheke, Mamaku, Pingao, and Kumarahou. These endangered species, often unavailable in commercial nurseries, are nurtured with the utmost care to ensure their survival. By growing Rongoa Māori plants and wetland natives, we honor our ancestral knowledge and fulfill our responsibility as kaitiaki (guardians) of the land. Every plant cultivated in our nursery represents a connection to our past, a commitment to future generations, and a tangible expression of our cultural identity.

Our Story.......

In 2011, driven solely by our passion for Rākau Māori and the resources available to us, we embarked on the journey of establishing our native nursery. With humble beginnings, we started by cultivating Kohunga and Taeore harakeke, recognizing their diminishing presence in our rohe and their esteemed quality for their silk white fibers. As our knowledge and experience grew, so did our nursery's repertoire. By 2017, we were cultivating Mamaku ferns sourced from spores and eco-sourcing from whānau farmlands, eventually growing our own. In 2018, we began harvesting Kumarahou seeds, a practice we continue to this day. The following year, we turned our attention to local diminishing species such as Toroheke and Pingao. Our passion for Rongoa Rākau flourished as we witnessed the myriad benefits and qualities these plants offered. Recognizing the need to make these varieties accessible to other Rongoa practitioners and whānau, we expanded our nursery to include a wide range of species, from harakeke varieties to Tānekaha, Houhere, Karamu, Raurekau, Whanake, Koromiko, Manuka, Kanuka, Miro, Mingimingi, Akeake, Tarata, Horoeka, and many more. Our ultimate goal now is to establish our own nursery in Kawhia, ensuring the nation has access to these invaluable Rongoa Rākau

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