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Ka rongo, ka wareware

ka kite, ka mahara

ka hangaia, ka marama ahau

i hear and i forget

i see and i remember

i do and i understand


Innovating from tradition

Collaborating with our business partners at Organic Bioactives NZ, who are leading innovators of New Zealand Marine and Land Bioactive ingredients for the global cosmectics industry. We engage in rigorous scientific research, testing, and analysis to unlock the full potential of native raw ingredients sourced sustainably from our lands. Through this collaboration, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality, harnessing the unique bioactive properties inherent in our native flora. By combining traditional harvesting methods with modern scientific techniques, we uphold principles of sustainability and well-being for both ourselves and the environment. This partnership not only enhances the quality and efficacy of our products but also strengthens our commitment to preserving and promoting indigenous knowledge and practices. Together, we strive to deliver premium natural ingredients that honor our cultural heritage while benefiting consumers worldwide.


Our Role in Scientific Research

Our role in scientific research and the supply of native ingredients extends far beyond mere provision. We are custodians of traditional practices, ensuring their preservation and reverence amidst the relentless march of progress. Sustainable harvesting is not just a priority but a sacred duty, safeguarding the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Collaborating with esteemed partners like Organic Bioactives, we delve into the depths of our natural world, searching for treasures hidden within native flora and fauna. Together, we explore, test, and unlock the secrets of multi-tasking, high-performing bioactives, harnessing the power of New Zealand's rich biodiversity. Unlike the industry's reliance on singular-function ingredients, our native bioactives offer a symphony of benefits, from antioxidants to melanogenesis inhibitors, each compound contributing to a harmonious chorus of skincare efficacy. Moreover, our native ingredients bestow upon final skincare products a refined sensorial experience, elevating not just their performance but the very essence of beauty itself.


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